Easy to follow client instructions for text features.

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Step 1 Configure Your Account

When you first login after registration it is recommended that you complete this step prior to creating test returns. This will allow you to view your client list and have full access to evaluating the software.

Sample 1040 Return

This will show you how to complete a simple 1040 return

Bank Enrollment

Quick integrated bank enrollment allows you to submit your ERO bank application and select products to offer.

Adding Additional Users

Add users to easily control employee access and set permissions.

Searching/Adding Forms

This tutorial will show you how to effectively navigate and search for IRS forms.

Grant Taxpayer Access

The Tax Payer access feature allows the taxpayer permission to access their return online.

Setup Your Defualt Pricing

The software allows you to set-up default pricing that calculates your Tax Preparation Fee based on each form or time spent on the return.