FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a valid EFIN and PTIN are required by the IRS to electronically file tax returns.
Absolutely and it is FREE to do so! Simply click the “Register” button to complete the simple account setup. You can complete test returns to gain familiarity with the software functionality and discover the ease of use. Once you are ready to order you can do so by selecting “Purchase” or by calling our friendly sales staff.
All states that have a state income tax requirement are included.
There is no additional cost to electronically file returns.
No, the DIY/ConsumerLink is included at no additional cost. The URL is readily available on the Dashboard of your profile to be placed on your website as the portal for customers to register.
Yes! We give you a revenue sharing option of making additional income by choosing if you want to charge a service bureau fee. If you choose this method you receive 65% of the service bureau fee that you set. Or you can become a service bureau and recieve 100% of the service bureau fee. Call Today for details! 800.687.1096