In today’s bank settlement product industry having a well defined products and sales strategy during the peak of tax season will add more revenue to your bottom line, outside of your tax preparation fees you typically charge.

By providing additional products and services to your clients is a win/win situation.  First, for you to provide our additional tax products is as simple as knowing the benefits of either the Audit Protection and/or the Credit Restoration products and cross selling them to your customers.

Your customers benefit a great service and you make more $$. Best of all, to enroll or sell these products to your customers is as simple as a check mark on the integrated bank application.  Our software processes will take care of the rest. 

Here is a simple breakdown of all the potential incentives and rebates you automatically qualify for each bank settlement product you process utilizing TaxVision and Navigator Bank.

Navigator iChoice Incentive:                       $10.00 per (optional)

Credit Restoration Product:                        $50.00 per

Audit Protection:                                           $10.00 per (see below tier)

Service Bureau Fee:                                      up to $65.00 (optional)                             

This is how it all works… Once you purchase your TaxVision software and prior to tax season you will be required to go through bank enrollment with our participating bank.  During this process you will have the option to opt in for the Audit Protection and/or the Credit restore product.  The iChoice and Service Bureau Fee is an optional up-charge and can be set during this process.   The Service Bureau in-season incentive is paid as transactions are funded along with your tax preparation fees.  The Navigator iChoice incentive is an end of the year rebate paid by Navigator.

Audit Protection Volume incentive:

Funded Enrollments                                              Rebate

50 – 99                                                                    $10.00
100 – 249                                                               $10.50
250 – 499                                                               $11.00
500 – 999                                                               $12.00
1000 – 2499                                                           $13.00
2500 – 4999                                                           $14.00
5000 – 7499                                                           $15.00
7500+                                                                      $16.00